Urban Souls Dance Company has been invited to perform in Kigali, Rwanda at the Ubumuntu Arts Festival July 19 -21, 2024. Donate today to help us get there!

Urban Souls’ relationship with Rwanda extends back to 2005, when Artistic Director Harrison Guy and General Manager Walter Hull spent two years researching the Rwandan Genocide attack, resulting in the creation of a groundbreaking dance work, Across the Waters. The dance work was selected for the Dance USA conference in 2009, where an art critic deemed it “necessarily uncomfortable.” Through this learning of Rwanda, came a deep passion for its people. In 2009, Walter was offered an artistic residency in Kigali through Urban Souls, where he learned more about the culture, historical plan, and the path toward healing. Since 2009, Urban Souls leaders have traveled to the country three times in the past 15 years working with the Kigali-based Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company. Performing at the Ubumuntu Festival in Kigali is a significant honor for Urban Souls Dance Company. It allows the organization to continue its important work of exploring cultural histories and promoting healing through dance. The festival, which focuses on empathy, compassion, and forgiveness, provides a powerful platform for Urban Souls to share their perspective and artistry with an international audience.

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